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The ‘Great Run’ on Saturday was truely great. In so many ways I felt unprepared going into the race. I really had a bad week and just could not manage to get any training runs in. It is more effort to run races than doing a training run but somehow seeing other runners struggling with you make things seem easier :-).

It is sometimes good to just go and run free and not plan and strategise too much. Just have fun, enjoy…the unexpected :-).

I struggled through the first 6km, but I somehow manage to get into a nice rhythm and was really cruising, sometimes even running at 11km/h :-). Yes, yes, yes!!!! If I could just maintain that pace for much longer I would be set for my sub-5hr marathon. I guess lots more training to come. I managed to get a new PB for my 15km, but I know I can do so much better on those hills.

This morning was a bit of a truggle to get onto the road and I settle for the gym but what nice work-out. I guess it really is about whatever works for you on the day.  Manage to do a 5km..even though I felt just like doing a 3km when I started.

Quote of the: “I love the feeling you get after a workout. You know that you’ve done something great for yourself, with a little effort. There’s no cost, but the payoff—feeling good about the way I look—is huge.” Colby Phillips, U.S. Army Officer