What an experience! The route was tough. Pure hills the first 10km and from there on it was downhill for next 5km and flats for the last 6km.

Duration Distance Calories Avg HR Max HR
2hr32min 21.1km 2354cal 182 192

Half Marathon CONQUERED!

It was raining in the morning when I left the house at 5am and heard little whispers saying not to do the race. I was not going to run in the rain and risk getting a cold so close to Two Oceans. But then I needed to do get a long run in so there was no turning back.

I got completely lost on my way to the venue, kind off remembered which areas and which highways, spotted the police patrolling and knew I was close by so I just asked them for directions. They were so helpful, even told me I was late :-). Thanks to them I found the venue easily and had enough time to register and get myself mentally prepared for the race.

The rain had stop and the weather was overcast, cool, perfect! The route was scenic – I really enjoyed running through/along the nature reserve and Swartkoppies. The climb up those hills were all worth-it!

Despite the initial hills I ran the race extremely well. Really struggled the first 10km but somehow managed to have recovered well. At the 15km I was at 1:47. Two minutes off my previous 15km! My strategy for the race was simple. Keep to a slower pace. Needed to remind myself that this is a long training run to get the kilometers on the leg.

At 19km the clock said 2:15. I did the math and realised I was not going to make 2:30 – not the way I was feeling, so I just did my best for the last 2km, was tempted to just walk it, but the decided not to, let’s try and see – though my mental mantra did not work so well at that stage 🙂

With 1km to go I was left with 6:30mins. That last 1km was tough! It was at an ever so slightly deceptive little slope, which made it very difficult to run. Wanted to run it all out, but could barely keep it up for 1min…so I finished in 2:32mins! So bloody close :-).

I am extremely happy with my performance and my training progress so far. I knew I was ready to do the HALF it was just a matter of doing!

So, now for the recovery 😦 I hope it won’t be difficult. I can feel I few aches, but hope I will be able to work through them with easy runs and walks this coming weeks.

I really enjoy my running….it has never disappointed. It has always left me with a great sense of achievement. This something I am valuing and hope to continue doing for a very long time.

So here to my 1st, but most definitely not last HALF MARATHON 🙂

My 1st HALF MARATHON LAP RESULT – Springbok Pharmacy (27 Mar 11)

Lap (km) Lap Time (mins) Total Time (mins)
1 7:15 7:15
2 7:36 14:51
3 8:06 22:57
4 7:48 30:44
5 6:31 37:15
6 6:43 43:58
7 7:01 50:58
8 7:31 58:29
9 6:35 01:05:04
10 5:20 01:10:25
11 7:07 01:17:32
12 6:04 01:23:35
13 6:01 01:29:36
14 6:58 01:36:34
15 6:16 01:42:50
16 6:26 01:49:15
17 6:25 01:55:40
18 6:48 02:02:28
19 7:00 02:09:28
20 7:36 0:17:05
21 8:11 02:25:16

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