The Challenge : 21.1 km

The CHALLENGE - Southern Cross!

The Strategy : 21.1 km

My strategy for training for the two oceans is simple. As a novice I still have to build a good running base, so have broken up my training schedule as follows:

1. Base Training (January 2011 – 4 weeks)
2. Base Training (February 2011 – 4 weeks)
3. Peak Training (March 2011 – 5 weeks)
4. Taper (April 2011 – 3 weeks)

If I stick to my PLANNED training programme and COMPLETE the CHALLENGE I would have ran MORE THANN 300km!!!!

The 16 Week Training Progress Sheet for Two Oceans Half Marathon (21.1 km)

Week Duration Distance Calories Comments
1 260 25 2822 Just STARTED!
2 116 15 1577 5km in 35min! ๐Ÿ™‚
3 193 22 2364 Still going STRONG!
4 0 0 0 Off Sick ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
Total 569min 62km 6763cal Overall not bad ๐Ÿ™‚
5 210 24.3 2780 Starting again ๐Ÿ˜
6 225 32.2 3449 WHAT A WEEK!!
7 151 18.5 2000 ALL MY ENERGY ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
8 77 10 1063 Recovery paid off ย ๐Ÿ™‚
Total 617min 84km 9289cal Base training(tick)
9 168 20 2196 Sunrise MONSTER!
10 243 20 2719 My 1st 15km!!!
11 166 19 1540 Back-2-Basics ๐Ÿ˜
12 222 28.1 3084 My 1st HALF!! ๐Ÿ™‚
13 159 16 1294 Pure RECOVERY ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
Total 0 103.1km 0 Possibility is endless
14 303 32 3417 Tired, back on track
15 0 14 0 Still so TIRED!
16 0 33.1 0 2Oceans HALF!!!
Total 0 79.1 0 Impossible done…
Total 0 328.2km 0 A Million Smiles!

The Result

Finishing in 02:34:01


Two Oceans T-shirt and Medal...4 months of dedicated training effort!

What a race! I can truly say I have never experienced anything like this before…No amount of physical training could have prepared me for what I have experienced both on an emotional and physically level.

I was so excited I could not sleep the night before the race, I was a bit irritated with myself as I knew I was going to feel tired the next morning (or when I had to wake up in the middle of night). I set the clock for 3:30 as we wanted to leave at 4am so that we could be there by 5am. It turned out that when we arrived at the start there were already THOUSANDS of runners lining up. ย Everything was so organised. I looked at the runners as we were doing the zigzag (“up and down”) turn at the 8km mark and realised I was one of the last in the packing order :-(! This has never bothered me before, because I knew I would past a lot of them. In this race I could not. There were just too many runners. Definitely a learning for me! Will be staying in Cape Town in 2012, in Main Rd if that is possible!

They should call it a NIGHT/DAY race – You start when it is still cold and dark and you run through dawn and then suddenly the daylight…

Still looking good!

It was really amazing to see all those runners on the road. Going up Southern Cross drive I could not even see the road or the hill, all I saw were runners’ backs and heads – That’s how close to each other we were running. I did not even bother running up Southern Cross (something I have trained for very hard) – that’s how crowded it was.

The race was not difficult. I ran much more difficult races before, even my 1st half was a much more difficult race to run. What makes Two Oceans difficult is the amount of runners on the road. I have read somewhere that you should not try to run a PB at Two Oceans (find another race! :-)…I ran the Springbok Pharmacy for my first HALF Marathon and even though the race was much more difficult I ran a better time than Two Oceans…so thanks for that piece of advice).

I ran the first half of the race “slow”. I was trying to stay close to the times for running a sub 2:30, but after 10km I as 5mins behind. For some or other reason, with all the runners on the road I just could not manage to get into rhythm, find my stride and just RUN. I now understand why they are saying Two Oceans is not the place to look for PB.

The last 3km (and with 20mins left to break 2hrs 30min) completely got the better of me – even though that was probably the only time I felt that I was running “faster” I was too tired at that stage to maintain a pace of 6min/km. I knew I was not gonna break a PB. I was a bit disappointed at the time, but as I ran into the sportsground and heard the crowd screaming and cheering everyone on I knew that this is what Two Oceans is about. In no other race in South Africa you will experience this (well maybe in Comrades :-). The crowd was just awesome. I am still getting goose bumps thinking about RUNNING to the finish. I was so tired at that stage but the adrenalin was pumping and I RAN all the way to the FINISH!! The time…2:34:01.

Now I am so charged up I am ready for theย Two Oceans Ultra Marathon 2012!ย Even though I was tired running to the finish because I was running fast at that stage I felt that I could still run for hours after I finished ๐Ÿ™‚

My 1st Two Oceans HALF Medal

I really like this medal and the 2011 Two Oceans Theme. (This is my MOMENT – All about ME. The organisers got the theme from the lyrics of one of Eminem songs :-)). Yes, I think it is about time one is selfish.

Some pics from the official photographers..

Yeah, I can do this!

...and the going get's tough...

...Getting ready for the grand finish!

We've done it!

4 responses »

  1. Hello.

    We will look at your progress. we are not there yet but it is in our thoughts.

    We will together loose 22kg. 11kg each.

    Look forward to the next 22kg
    ps Say hello to Attie


  2. Hi,
    I was forwarded this website link by a friend who’s been encouraging me to start running. I enjoy jogging in the mornings but am nowhere near serious running, I did 2 races last year and absolutely enjoyed it. I’m signing up with nedbank runing club(social) to structure my training practice and keep motivated. My target goal is to loose 15 Kg and i know it possible because i had done it before… Your blog and progress is very inspirational

    • Hi Thanda,
      Thank you for signing up! So glad you decided to join the nedbank running club. In fact, I was on their website last night thinking of joining club. There is great benefit in training with other people. Just start, that is difficult, but 90% of the effort.
      Best of luck and let me know how things are progressing.
      Million Miler

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