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Parkrun Playtime


I was wondering for a while what everyone was going on about. I mean really…a 5km race?

Parkrun organises free, weekly, 5km timed runs around the world. They are open to everyone, free, and are safe and easy to take part in. My programme said parkrun the week before the Durban City Marathon so I decided to go for it!

Woodlands Parkrun was a “double lapper” with short steep hills. Yes, even in parkruns you get double lappers! I started off way too fast and blew it with a numb foot and tired calf by the 2nd kilometre. I had to run/walk the rest of the race (so frustrating). To make things worst my husband who has been recovering from a kidney transplant passed me on the 2nd lap with a huge smile on his face and for the 1st time in 3 years beat me! I don’t compete with anyone but my husband…so it was game on!

The next weekend we were off to Durban and he made a point to go run the North Beach Parkrun. I was doing a happy dance…my running buddy is back! I am sure if my husband had any idea his wife was going to turn into a running addict he would have never encouraged me to started running…water under the bridge!

The week after Durban City Marathon I had parkrun on the schedule again so we decided to go and check out the Modderfontein Parkrun. At least it would be a full 5km lap. Arriving there I was pleasantly surprise with all the facilities.

However it’s starting to appear that I don’t learn from my mistakes! The race was a physical and mental repeat of what happened at Woodlands Parkrun. Hubby passed me in the 4th kilometer and he had that smile on his face (he knew better than not to wave or talk to me). He got the win but only by 18s this time. I LOVED IT…this might just be that little bit of healthy competition I need to learn how to push myself in races!

I came 7th in my age category and 44th female. I look at my time (struggling through a race) and I feel I have the ability to even finish top 20 female on a good day! So I will keep trying – even looking forward to our next parkrun! 🙂


Comrades Marathon Post-Race Depression


I admit. Recovering from my 1st Comrades race is much harder than expected. After 6 weeks I feel ready to get back into some sort of training program but my body and legs feel so heavy and slow. I’ve also been low on motivation. It does not help that it is winter either :). I am probably a bit too hard on myself but I feel a bit lost after such an amazing Comrades build-up and race. Ya, definitely suffering from post-race depression!

One of the reasons I blog is that it helps me getting out of that ‘go slow’ mode. It gives me perspective. Makes me look back and see where I have come from and how much I have achieved in the last 2 and a half years…”never in million years would I have thought” kind of thing. I was telling myself that it was time to set some new goals and putting myself under a bit of pressure to get out there again. I tried and it is hard! I think I am not ready to commit to anything big right now. And that is OK… I will take it easy over the next few months and see how things go.

First time I am experiencing such a slump of a period. I guess it’s a matter of just keep going. This too is part of the Comrades experience…savour the moment though not for too long 🙂

I did tick some races on the calendar…but nothing that excites and scares me at the same time as much as training for Comrades did. Well, nothing that I would be ready for this year anyway.


3 Weeks to Comrades 2013!!


602654_385540421556311_1705717271_nThis week went by faster than I would have imagined! Ankle is still giving me problems so time is now literally flying between visiting the Chiro, Biokineticist, going for sports massages and on top of that trying to get some “running” in. I have now accepted I have an injury. It is not getting better. I might have aggravated the ankle yesterday with my hill training. Ankle seemed fine during the session, but this morning it just started to pain again, so I am opting for physio as a last resort. Go For Physio! Just hope I have not left this for too late now :-(.

imagesI am getting a bit stressed now, don’t like the fact that I am  not able to do that last bit of training. But the next week I have to focus on getting the ankle  sorted if I want to be at the start on 2 June. Not the best of positions to be in just 3 weeks from Comrades! Excited, nervous, paranoid…yip, include cranky, irrational, moody…all at the same time 🙂

Quote of the day: “I have my own unique road that has had many exciting ups and heart-breaking downs, but one thing I know is that my journey is not over and the best is yet to come”. Ryan Hall, Olympic marathoner