I’m a complete novice when it comes to multi-stage endurance events but I’ve read up quite a bit about how to prepare and have followed tons of runners training for events like the Marathon Des Sables and other multi-stage desert races.

Multi Stage

Below is short summary of things I need to keep in mind whilst training over the next few months as well as links to blogs I follow with great information about how to train for extreme ultra and multi-stage races:


  • PACK TRAINING (start easy six months out –  start with 2kg and build up to 7kg)
  • Power hike (long runs)
  • Power hike (short runs)
  • Train with weighted pack (2-2.5kg)
  • Walking (with pack)
  • Back-to-back long runs
  • Sand/beach training
  • Hill training
  • Running with Poles
  • Wear layered clothing in training
  • Heat training
  • Experiment with your food! (consider how to package it; ziplocks etc)
  • Hydration (electrolytes, powders, tablets)
  • Shoes and gaiters
  • Learn to use compass
  • Recovery (eat, drink and build reserves for the next stage – ultimately eating for the race)
  • Footcare


  • Clothes
  • Sleeping bag
  • Test all mandatory race gear

…..and the list continues…

I follow these ultrarunners for the A-Z about extreme ultra and multi-stage racing.

  1. Daniel Rowland
  2. Lucja Leonard
  3. James Kassapian (great MDS blog)