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The Ups and Downs of Winter


I can’t exactly say training has been smooth sailing the last 2 weeks. It’s a mental struggle to get out of the door and hit the road in the mornings. I have no problem waking up; most mornings I am up before the alarms goes off. I have coffee in bed (can’t function without that first cup of coffee) but then the massive procrastination starts and before I know it the clocks start ticking and my brain starts to work overtime calculating how many kilometers I will be able to run if I get out of the house right now…or right now…or right now! I’ve never since I started my running journey have experienced a slump like this before. It’s almost like I can’t stomach my usual routes. “If I have to go up that hill or cross that street one more time? I just can’t”! I started to experiment with running after work now. Same story!

…Blame Winter!

It hasn’t been all bad. I am getting strength training done! Somehow I find it much easier to get out of the house to go to gym! For the first time since my running journey I am starting to enjoy doing strength work. I am still not 100% there where I can be trusted to do the strength work on my own, so for  now I am enjoying the instructor-led classes. It took me some time to figure out which classes to attend but I have finally found the right mix of cross training, core work, pilates and yoga to keep me at the gym for the next few months

…Thanks Winter!

Like most runners I am lazy when it comes to stretching after runs. I’ve read that it’s better to cut your run short by 10mins to make time to stretch but by the time I get back from my run time is up! This is where yoga and pilates classes comes in handy. I get a great core and balance workout, however the stretching is where I get the biggest bang for my buck (time). I used to feel misaligned and even had lower back pain but since I’ve started doing pilates and yoga those ailments have disappeared. I’m really feeling strong and flexible. The exercises below are my favorites and I no longer run after the physio ball the whole session (lol!)

…Gym, my new BFF!

I did managed to get some good runs in on the trails over the last 2 weeks. Let’s just say the trails might have just been my saving grace. I have so much fun on the trails and because I do it over the weekend I really relax and enjoy the run.

  • Week 1: Groenkloof 2 x 10.5km – Tough little technical route especially the first and last 2km

    Groenkloof 10km

    Groenkloof 10km

  • Week 2: Casa-Lee Country Village 21km -Easy 21k route compared to Groenkloof. I could feel my strength work paying off on this trail run. Except for my calves killing me within the first 3km I felt really strong running this trail race

    Casa-Lee 21km

    Casa-Lee 21km

…Trail, my saving grace!

Only one month of winter slogging left, but with the 50km Magaliesberg trail race looming I am bound to snap out of this slump sooner!

Quote of the day: “Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tip toe if you must, but take the step” Unknown

Training for Ultra-trail Cape Town


I started this blog with its special landing page “My Daily Sweat!’ in 2011 to stay motivated and focused training for my 1st half marathon, the Two Oceans Half. Little did I know that it only takes one race to get you hooked on running. Fast Forward 4 years…and I am still running, more than I would’ve have ever imagined possible!

Over the last two years my focus was on training for the Comrades Marathon and mostly blogged about my race experiences and less about my daily workouts or my training so “My Daily Sweat!” became somewhat redundant. I didn’t want to just blog about my daily training runs without having something significant to say. I discovered Twitter and it is far easier and more convenient to just tweet about a run using 140 characters and a great photo (lol!).

I’ve certainly learnt a lot about running over the last few years; trust me people that say running is just about putting on a pair of running shoes are lying. There is so much more to running as a sport and if you cross over into the world of ultras it becomes even more interesting. Challenging your beliefs and discovering that you have no limits is one amazing experience. I’ve read and reread some of my old posts and I can’t believe I wrote them! I have come a long way and in some weird way have become my own inspiration and motivation (lol!). I guess that is what my blog is about….to motivate and inspire others…but mostly to stay true to myself and to keep pushing those boundaries. 🙂

I am about to start training for Ultra-trail Cape Town; an event that is simply put…out of my league! The organisers have just released the trailer to the race and it promised to be nothing sort of EPIC!

Funny, I’ve never been scared of a race before but after seeing the 100km startlist of Ultra-trail Cape Town (I shouldn’t have peeped) I am starting to have some serious doubts! I need to keep my eye on this ball; best way I know how is by resurrecting “My Daily Sweat!” i.e. blogging my way through training for UTCT!

Week 0: It’s all about that base!

Training for a 100km mountain ultra is going to be a challenge but I manage 80km over a long week and happy to report that I am still feeling great. Yes, leveraging all that easy running during Comrades training! 🙂

…and long training runs?

I have 2 training races planned before I make my way to Cape Town which hopefully will prepare me both mentally and  physically for my biggest challenge EVER!

  • Crazy Store Magaliesberg 50km (15 August)
  • Mont-Aux-Sources 50km (5 Sept)

Blood, sweat and tears awaits me with both these races, guaranteed!

Why I’m running Ultra-trail Cape Town

Running all these crazy ultras are all part of my bigger plan in building up for Trans Arabia 2016, a 300km desert ultra in Jordan. Even though it’s a desert race, it is not all desert. Within the first 50km you traverse over a mountain range so I want to ensure I am well prepared and capable of running on all different terrain and conditions…but mostly I want to have fun running Cape Town and learn as much as I can about running on trails over the next few months. Knowing at the back of my head that UTCT is a training race will help me to keep things “easy” and not try and do anything stupid along the way (lol!).

Ultra-trail Cape Town 100km Flyover

Let the journey begin…super excited!

Quote of the day: “There’s no magic to running far or climbing Everest. Endurance is mental strength. It’s all about heart.” Bear Grylls, Host of Man vs. Wild