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Chasing My Dreams


So what’s next after the most amazing Comrades Marathon experience?

I took a break from running the last 4 weeks yet all I could think of the whole time was RUNNING!

10487259_579398442170507_6473067939894266817_nDREAMING BIG AGAIN. NEW GOALS. NEW PLANS.

I’m very excited about my new goals – it’s going to challenge the wits out of me! I’ve been dreaming about doing an extreme adventure race since the day I took up running as a SPORT three and a half years ago but somehow had it in my head that I was not ready. Truth is, I will never be ready if I don’t plan and prepare for it!

My next adventure is a massive undertaking. It scares the hell out of me so don’t even want to say it out loud, safe to assume I got my work cut for the next 21 months…will be like giving birth to an elephant! Training is only one part of this journey. There are so many other things to consider; balancing family and work, experimenting with gear and the many sacrifices I’ll be making participating in extreme adventure racing & expeditions around the world. So many great adventures waiting. I want to do them all..OK, THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE!

I’m still working on finalising my three year plan so trying not to focus so much on just the end goal anymore but also to appreciate and enjoy all the little detours (yip, those unforeseen challenges!) I will encounter on this journey.

Next Up – Marathon #10!

Number 10 is going to be special. I’m thinking sub 4:30 marathon! Yip, slow by world marathon standards BUT

  • I’ve already cut my time from 5:29 (2012) – 4:43 (2014)
  • I’ve learned the hard way what 10s/km over the marathon distance can do to your overall finish time, so I am working hard on getting faster over the shorter distances!
  • The key is I BELIEVE I can do it and love seeing the progress

So back to basics…reality – building my base , working on getting stronger and focus on running a little faster. Before I just wanted to run fast enough so that I could qualify for Comrades and not run the race with a gun against my head! The most stressful experience…ask any finisher who have just…just…just…missed the 12hr cut-off!

This time I want to push myself and see given the effort over the next few months what I am capable of. I know I can run a sub 4:30 mara just need to get that 10K time down! I should be able to run a 10K in 58-59mins just did not pick the right races before, so the thinking is training for 56-57min 10K and 2:05 half marathon.

Marathon number 10 won’t be until November so plenty of time to get mentally tough and play with speed which should leave me with a good base – going into the new year strong and ready to experiment with new aspects of ultra running like multi-stage races; night racing; ultra trails & the list continues…

My dreams are not gonna come easy but I am going to make them happen. The next few months will see me grow into the person that can achieve all these amazing challenges I’ve set out to do.

A Journey of A Million Miles…Designed Not To Happen Overnight! 🙂