Monthly Archives: November 2013

Sweet November


photo-13November just turned out to be a great month. Weather has just been perfect for early morning running and my hard work is slowly starting to pay off! I am on such a high at the moment, just seems like everything is starting to come together. I see progress every single day and that keeps me motivated. Major surprise…I received the ‘Spirit of Comrades’ award at KRC’s Awards evening. Did not see that one coming. Really chuffed with myself!

I AM getting faster

photo-12Training has been going exceptional well. I have been lucky enough to stick to my programme. I manage to run a sub-30min 5K in a training run! Just decided one morning I am going to go all out. And there it was, 29mins! My proven “track” record that I am capable of running a 10K in under 60mins, just need to keep the focus…

Races are so unpredictable. So many things have to go right on the day to run a PB. Based on the paces that I am able to hit in my workouts it is just a matter of time and place now. I manage to cut-off another 2 minutes of my 10K time in my last race for a new PB of 62mins. I can now smell that sub-60min 10K – 2mins, that’s less than 400m away!!! (I manage to hit 1:53 during a 8X400m repeats session, so I know I can do this)

I NEED to get much stronger

Hills are still my nemesis so I need to get serious about strengthening my core. I don’t particular like the gym workouts, but I can see how this too will help me become a faster stronger runner. Just need to do more of it…

Working hard on my mental toughness

My weakest link is still my mind. I still have a lot of work to do when it comes to mental toughness. I give up way to easy, but I can feel that with each race I am getting stronger and better at keeping my pace for longer and not give in to the urge to WALK!

I’ve been watching what I am eating

The last 3 months I have been following all the twitter hype on the Paleo and LCHF diet and man is it confusing. Keep asking myself so what’s next? What I do know is that refined sugars and carbs are not good for the body and so I have been slowly just cutting out the bad stuff!

One of the guys I follow on twitter is Brian Mackenzie from Crossfit Endurance and I just like the plain and simple way in which he explain things like processed foods and his take on the paleo and lchf thing. Basically he is saying “If it come out of a box” it’s not good…I can relate to that.

Yes, now I am reading the labels! I don’t have cereal for breakfast, don’t eat bread, I don’t drink sugar in my coffee anymore, no fruit juices or fizzy drinks, drinking sparkling water (until someone tells us that’s a no-no) to curb those cravings BUT I have lost 4kg so far!!!

Keep Focus

I feel healthier and fitter than I have ever been in my entire life. All this just makes me very happy and excited – really looking forward to start training for my Comrades 2014 qualifier now!