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10K Training On Track!


Having a specific goal race to train for is already making it easier to get out there and start training. I am racing the Spirit of the Flight 10K race and its about 3 weeks away. So not much time for training. The objective is to race this 10K and use it as a base to improve my 10K times.

I bailed on doing the 2OK trail race that I had planned for this weekend. Instead I did an easy 9K on Saturday and an easy 5K on Sunday… Thought is best to conserve my energy for some focused 10K training during this week coming.

I am hoping that the consistency and hard work over the next 3 weeks will at minimum get me back to where I was before the Comrades race. I could do intervals at 5:25 pace… Let’s see 🙂

Racing my “1st” 10K!


I am finally kicking off the dust of my 1st Comrades race! It was an amazing but really tough journey…QUALIFYING, BUILD UP (drove me nuts coping with all the “false” symptoms of flu before every marathon/ultra/long run ) TAPER, THE RACE, RECOVERY…and in my case POST-RACE DEPRESSION!  I have been slowing getting back to running, but kept thinking of my Comrades race…and probably will for the next year, time heal all wounds.

Luckily for me I have a very sensible coach who does not allow you to dwell on these things. So, I am ready and excited to do what I love most about all these great events – TRAINING for it. I sometimes think that I love training for a race more than I enjoy race day itself. For me it is all about the journey and the challenge to see how far I can push myself. And with marathons and ultra running so many things can go wrong; sometimes it is just “whatever the day brings”; so many variables and and it only takes one thing to throw your plan as I learnt during my Comrades race.

But with all the races I have run, and after chatting to my coach I realise that I have never actually “raced” any of my races. It sounds strange, but I have never ran any race flat out! I always finished like I could have gone on for another hour… not even Comrades could break me. Perhaps had I “raced Comrades” that would have been a different story…so that is exactly what I am going to learn to do. How to “race” a race. I think it is a skill in itself…especially across the various long distances of 10K, marathon and ultra.

So I will be training for my “1st” 10K Race! Really excited about this. I want to run that elusive sub 60min 10K. It does feel silly doing this but I have never trained to “race a 10K”. I have always just ran it but after two and a half years of running I finally get it! YOU GET FASTER AT LONGER DISTANCES BY GETTING FASTER AT YOUR SHORTER DISTANCES…obvious enough a non-runner would say :-).

Quote: “Run Hard, Be Strong, Think Big” Percy Cerutty