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The Next Chapter


I recently took a 4 week trip to Europe with my family which included running both the Rome and Paris marathons. The trip gave me a whole new perspective on life; what is important to me and how I choose to spend my time…sometimess LESS is MORE! Now I am living for our next family adventure that obviously would include running in very exotic places all over the world 🙂

Sole to Soul Rhythm

Why do I love to run every day? It is relatively simple, I run for peace and joy and to be free. You can be free wherever you are; I always try to keep that in my heart. But sometimes it helps to rent out your house and hit the open road.

A couple weeks ago, I was running on my Ashland trails and passed the phrase “Let go” carved into a wall. I feel that was sound advice and sometimes you need to just let go, maybe have a few less possessions, less responsibilities, less money, less cares, giving you space to go deeper in yourself and to discover just a little bit more. I can do that through running but that doesn’t always include my family. My family means everything to me and so we’re exploring the opportunities of life together.

On our drive back from Western States…

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Comrades Marathon Post-Race Depression


I admit. Recovering from my 1st Comrades race is much harder than expected. After 6 weeks I feel ready to get back into some sort of training program but my body and legs feel so heavy and slow. I’ve also been low on motivation. It does not help that it is winter either :). I am probably a bit too hard on myself but I feel a bit lost after such an amazing Comrades build-up and race. Ya, definitely suffering from post-race depression!

One of the reasons I blog is that it helps me getting out of that ‘go slow’ mode. It gives me perspective. Makes me look back and see where I have come from and how much I have achieved in the last 2 and a half years…”never in million years would I have thought” kind of thing. I was telling myself that it was time to set some new goals and putting myself under a bit of pressure to get out there again. I tried and it is hard! I think I am not ready to commit to anything big right now. And that is OK… I will take it easy over the next few months and see how things go.

First time I am experiencing such a slump of a period. I guess it’s a matter of just keep going. This too is part of the Comrades experience…savour the moment though not for too long 🙂

I did tick some races on the calendar…but nothing that excites and scares me at the same time as much as training for Comrades did. Well, nothing that I would be ready for this year anyway.