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T-10 days to Comrades 2013!


We are in the final stretch…a few niggles but I am feeling on top of this world!

Still can’t believe I made it this far. My ankle seems to be taking its own sweet time to recover. Had 4 physio sessions already! Not a very reassuring position to be in. Ran this morning and I don’t have pain, it is just feeling very weird and uncomfortable…but I am so excited now, can’t stop thinking or talking about the Comrades.

My bags are now literally packed. Sorted out my fuelling and hydration “stuff”.

Definitely planning for a 12hr event!!

Definitely planning for a 12hr event!!

I have no idea how on earth I am gonna carry it all. Will have to rely on some supporters…

Completely get it now when they talk about a journey. My training started last year already in Nov/Dec with getting reading for my qualifying race. I had a few hiccups with colds and flu and now the ankle problems, but overall an awesome experience. OMG! It is only 10 days to go but I feel like I have achieve a major milestone! Not sure how I am gonna feel at the start….and at the finish :-). So many highs!!

3 Weeks to Comrades 2013!!


602654_385540421556311_1705717271_nThis week went by faster than I would have imagined! Ankle is still giving me problems so time is now literally flying between visiting the Chiro, Biokineticist, going for sports massages and on top of that trying to get some “running” in. I have now accepted I have an injury. It is not getting better. I might have aggravated the ankle yesterday with my hill training. Ankle seemed fine during the session, but this morning it just started to pain again, so I am opting for physio as a last resort. Go For Physio! Just hope I have not left this for too late now :-(.

imagesI am getting a bit stressed now, don’t like the fact that I am  not able to do that last bit of training. But the next week I have to focus on getting the ankle  sorted if I want to be at the start on 2 June. Not the best of positions to be in just 3 weeks from Comrades! Excited, nervous, paranoid…yip, include cranky, irrational, moody…all at the same time 🙂

Quote of the day: “I have my own unique road that has had many exciting ups and heart-breaking downs, but one thing I know is that my journey is not over and the best is yet to come”. Ryan Hall, Olympic marathoner


My Comrades Dress Rehearsal


My ankle started to give me problems two weeks ago, right after I ran my PB at Loskop so I had to take an easy week. Better safe than sorry. Right? But now I missed out on the opportunity to do my last 50km long run as part of the Wally Hayward marathon and was faced with the decision to do this run all by myself…was I dreading that! It was important for me to finish this last piece of the peak training. There were couple of things that I wanted to still get sorted before the big day. I missed out on a whole week of running already. I’ve started to “study” the route and I was also worried that perhaps I have not done enough hill training. Should I do the long run or not. What if I do more damage to my ankle by doing the long run. Honestly, I was starting to become a bit of a nut case :-).

So after I got my ankle and hammie all strapped up I felt a bit more confident to do the long run. It also helps a lot to have a good coach, especially someone that has done many Comrades. They understand what you going through and know what to say to get you all motivated again!

The Dress Rehearsal

I woke-up very early yesterday so that I could give myself enough time to have a proper breakfast (actually I could not really sleep; it was going to be a long day and I wanted to get the run over and done with). I had 2 slices of low GI toast, scrambled eggs and coffee. I don’t usually eat eggs for breakfast before my runs but apparently it is good to have some protein as well and not just all carbs.

I was dressed in my full club kit and had my fuel bag filled with all the stuff I was gonna need on my run. A dress rehearsal indeed….

Decided to run to Sandton and back with a couple of detours, was not the easiest of courses but I thought what de hac, the Up Run is just hills, who am I kidding here! But, I did take it very easy on the hills. Running with a strapped ankle is also not fun. At some stage I was thinking of taking the strap off. Really did not want to end up with bruises and blisters as well…

Lunch On The Run

Actually the run went well, before I knew it I was at 20km. Comrades is a long race, for me it will probably be a 12hr event! Scary to think I am going to be running for that long. I won’t be able to live off gels the whole day, so I better practice eating on the run. I have never done it before. I have just never been hungry on a run before (probably too pumped with all the GUs). I had chicken breast; apparently the protein helps with recovery and an Energade (at Comrades you get Energade and Powerade and Coke!).  I must admit the chicken was quite a refreshing break from the carbs. Made me feel full so I did not have to take so many gels…(blessing in disguise cos I hate taking gels). For the whole long run I only had one gel at 30km. The gel does give you that bit of a kick. Some people say it is all in the mind. But I am not going to make major changes to my fuelling strategy now. Needed to get breakfast and lunch sorted. Mission accomplish :-).

After 30km it was mostly uphill and I could feel I was getting a bit tired. At 38km my ankle started to pain a bit so I decided not to push too hard and mostly walked the last kilometre. I managed to get 40km completed. I felt good and glad that I went out and did my dress rehearsal. Less things to worry about now. Finished peak training…and time to focus on my taper, getting my ankle sorted and work on this mind of mine!!!


Quote of the day: “My injury was devastating. But I decided I wouldn’t feed negative thoughts. I was going to surround myself with positive people, imagine the best outcomes, and bathe myself in awesomeness”. Lauren Fleshman, two-time U.S. 5-K champion, after an IT injury forced her to refocus her 2012 Olympic Trials goals