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My 3rd Long Run for 2013


I am really enjoying my running. I used to just run to get the kilometers on the clock, now I run with purpose. With each run I learn so much about myself. Long Runs have become my favourite weekend activity. I told Adam it is not good to leave me alone on a long run; my brain works overtime – all that time to think; about everything! Best therapy if you ask me.

Today’s run was particularly exhilarating. Started off with a bid of wind and thought it was going to rain, but I persevered. Kept thinking what Don Oliver said in his book “Learn to run in all kinds of weather; they don’t postpone Comrades because of bad weather”. The weather turned out to be perfect! I really did not feel like a long slow slog for 2.5hrs, so did a tempo run. It felt good running the faster pace and being able to hold it. Only took very short walk breaks every 5km or so; best part is how I can now even climb some of those deceptively long “ever-so-slightly” inclines and NOT WALK!

Fuel was used sparingly on this run (only took one gel with me). This was on purpose – I hate taking those gels; only need them after 1.5hrs; but the second half of my run was tougher and I could feel the fatigue creeping up but managed to keep the pace. Ran 21km and felt great! Did not think I could push myself like that…

It just amazes me how I went from running “on/off” 2-3 days a week to doing really quality work now 6 days a week! I ran 165 kilometers for the month of January so far, still 3 more runs to go, probably finishing off with 180km – a good base for the Comrades build-up. A milestone indeed; and I haven’t even run a marathon! It feels good to see progress being made. Just hope the body can adapt to all the stress that’s still to come over the next 4 months.

February will be the time to focus….not to do anything stupid; to listen to my coach and think about the progress ahead (baby steps)! J

Quote of the day: “Train where your fitness is NOW, not where you want to be”. Scott Jurek (ultra marathoner)

Keeping Things in Perspective


What a great start to the new year! This weekend’s race was just awesome. Best E-V-E-R 21K race, finish time of 2:27! I am still on a high…talk about starting 2013 off on a BANG! Slashed 10mins off my race time of 2012. Still a lot of work to be done but it means training is working and that is all that matters.

I ran a good race in 2012, so I went into Sunday’s race unsure of even whether I will be able to at least run the same time! The thought of finishing at a slower time crossed my mind so many times. So much for believing in myself :-). The issue was I did not know what it was that I wanted out of the race. In the bigger scheme of things I knew it was not important whether I ran a PB or not – Dischem was just a training run and that is what I had to keep in perspective.

I wanted to race hard but I did not want to get injured. The whole time during the race I was telling myself I still want to train this week coming. I cannot let this race prevent me from achieving next week’s running goals and that is how I got through the 21.1K. Running hard, but not giving my all. There is still ALOT of work to do on the mental side though. I knew kilometers 12-15km  was going to be tough so I needed to have pushed a bit there :-(. Next time…

My Comrades Marathon training is now in full swing and on track. The next few weeks building up to my qualifier is going to be tough. I just need to be careful and avoid getting sick again. It will just kill me to be off training for 3 weeks again.

Quote of the day: “There are no shortcuts to any place worth going”. Beverly Sills, American operatic soprano