Monthly Archives: July 2012

My Adventure Runs!


Suffering from back aches, could not get up this morning. What de hell was I thinking running trails…oh but the feeling at the time was so good! Really love the rock hopping, living life on the edge!

Definitely went out too fast and did not quite understand at the time a hill on the road does not eqaute to a hill in the “mountains”. Can’t remember when last I have done so much stretching and what felt to me like holding on to a rock for my dear life! If you have not warmed up before the race, you will sit with all sorts of sore muscles and aches afterwards :-).

Also just went running with my normal road running shoes, I invested in a Camelbak (a must if you doing trails). NO SUPPORT ON THE TRAILS, YOU CARRY YOUR OWN SUPPLIES! But after about 3km of climbing I started to understand why it is important to have the right gear. My foot roll twice, same bloody one I twisted in Feb this year. The bad thing about running trails is that it aint that easy to quit, somehow it seems more difficult to go back, you also can’t really quit, there is no bus to take you back to the start ┬álol! So, I had to push through…just told myself to relax and take it easy. All I could think of was if I fall and injure myself it would be my own bloody fault. I came looking for trouble.

So now I need to work out some recovery strategy quickly, have my Breakthru 15km coming up next weekend and at this stage it looks like I am gonna have to call it quits and take things easy over the next few weeks. Easier said than done!