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10km Training Run


Did my first 1okm run after a well deserve break this morning. It was tough, there was so many times I wanted to cut the route short, but I realised I was just making things difficult for my myself in the weeks to come. I am doing a 21km race next weekend, so why risk getting injured…needless to say, there was lots of walking this morning :-).

USMC Marathon

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The training programme over the next few weeks is going to tough. This time I am following a “first time finishers” marathon programme, hopefully designed to ensure that I get through the training and race alive on the 21 Jan 2012 alive :-). This programme is somewhat different to how I normally train so I am a bit worried that is might be a bit of a stretch for me, but I must change something if I want to achieve different results. From what I can see the programme focus on the long runs…6 weeks in a row! (and therein lies the risk of injury so I am gonna have to listen to my body). My mind is already trying to play games with me :-)…How am I gonna do this?

I have started with strength training. I must say, just after one week I already feel stronger. This just gives me that extra bit of confidence to tell me I can go faster, especially on the hills. It is so nice to run fast, I feel so good when I do that, I wish I can do it for longer! perhaps another year or so.

This week I will train 5 days. In total I will do 51km for the week, which will inlcude my half marathon race! I would like to improve my half marathon PB of 2:32 to 2:25! It is not impossible, but I have not done any 10km races so I am not sure, will have to wait and see….

Quote of the Day: “I realize that I have been blessed with health and strength to overcome not only the miles on the road, but also to overcome the hard times in life when you want to throw in the towel. When I cross the line now, it is a celebration of the fact that I didn’t quit.” Tasya Lacy, U.S. Navy Human Resources Officer



Whatever it takes to qualify for 2012 Two Oceans ULTRA MARATHON!!!

Qualifying for the 2012 Two Oceans is easy! Just a finish a marathon in under 5hrs :-). Ya right!

I have set my heart on running the ultra after my first Two Oceans Half in 2011. Yes, I’ve been completely seduced by the vibe and spirit of the 2011 Two Oceans Marathon.

It is just awesome to be part of something so big and beautiful, so why not go all out for it??? Ya right! Unlikely the half marathon…you cannot just enter and pitch for the ultra. Nope…you have to (1) join a running club and (2) run a marathon in under 5hrs…only then you are considered good enough to be part of the elite group of ultra marathoners :-). So, qualifying is either gonna MAKE me or BREAK me :-(. Not sure how I am gonna handle it if I don’t qualify! After all the hard work!!!!!…NO, that is not even an option!

My Qualifying Race

2012 Akasia Marathon in Pretoria, 21 Jan!!!! It is going to be TOUGH. So much against me…(1) TIME – only have 10 weeks to train, (2) DOUBLE LOOP – I HATE running loops! Lots of MENTAL MANTRA required :-)…so not ideal, but THAT IS THE TARGET. ONLY HAVE ONE SHOT! Every other qualifying race is gonna be as tough as this one, leaving it for later will just put more pressure on me…Just want to qualify and get it over and done with!!!

My Race Strategy

With only 10 weeks to the race the focus will have to be on quality training. I need a training plan that would allow me to put in enough kilometers, but also ensure I recover properly. Obviously long runs is going to be key, but to get in under 5hrs I have to include some races and speed training sessions.

Week 1-3: SPEED and  3*10km races, 21km race

Week 4-6: LONG RUNS and 21.1km race

Week 6-9: LONGEST LONG RUN 30km and begin TAPER

Week 10: RACE WEEK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!