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I never thought running a 5okm ultra marathon was going to be easy. In fact, that was the whole point of doing it, to see how far I can push myself – to see what I can achieve if I set my mind to it and train for this endurance event. I have not been running for that long, but the bug has bitten. I am proabably pushing myself a bit too hard at the moment, especially with the race so close – ould have loved to do a few more long runs before the race, but time has ran out.

35km Midrand to Sandton by at Garmin Connect – Details.

Today’s long run started out easy. The goal was to do a 35km run – by far the longest distance I have ever done. I am still not sure how I did it. I tried to do 30km, two weeks ago and only managed to complete 25km :-(.

The route I ran today was full of hills. I was going to call it quits at 30km, my feet were hurting, my legs tired. But..I decided NO! I am finishing my workout! I just had to finish this long run of 35km. I won’t have another opportunity before the race to do this, so this was it! I walked most of the last 5km. It was hard, it took me 50mins to finish 5km…literally walking at 10mins/km :-(. How de hell am I gonna get through another 15km!

I almost collapsed when I got home after the 35km run. I had no more energy left in my body. In fact I did not know what to do with my body – I could not stand, sit or walk. I now know why people just collapse at finish lines – It’s like something mental kicks in at that point. You mind telling your body that it is all over!…and you no longer have control over it. So scary! 🙂

The only saving grace I have is that all my training runs have been on difficult routes with lots of hills and pulls. I went to look at the city-2-city route and it seems do be doable, but there is no way that I will be able to complete the run in less that 7hr. Today’s 35km took me almost 5hrs..which means I need to finish the last 15km in 2hrs.  A tough call on tired legs….

I am so tired now – I consider my peak training completed. Even if I wanted to train more I don’t think I have the energy. What’s left for me now is to taper – to recover well, to rest well, to watch my diet and take things easy. Everything else now is out of my hands – I have done the training, what must be, must be….

Quote of the day

Conquering any difficulty always gives one a secret joy, for it means pushing back a boundary line and adding to one’s liberty“. Henri Frederic Amiel, Swiss philosopher, poet and critic

The Vodacom Country Challenge


Yes. What a challenge – I am back on track. Not exactly where I want to be but happy with the way the training is going so far. I have skipped so many training runs. Blame it on the cold weather. My morning runs seemed to have become something of a past life! HELP!

Well done! 2h37mins....

The Vodacom race was challenging, but I was on home ground and really confident and have been looking forward to this race for months! I did my first 5k here a year ago and look at me now, still thriving with passion. I cannot believe I have persist…even training for fo a 50k ultra-marathon race. I am so proud of myself. Just need to stay focus now – I am starting to get a bit intimidated by the distance from my next big race (I have not trained as hard as I should have!). I completely get it now when people say, running a 50k is not hard, but training for a 50k is….

My time for the vodacom was 2:37 – would have wanted to do a PB, but the HILLS of Midrand did not want that for me :-). Next time. I did the first 5km in 36:36, which I am extremely happy as the first stretch was not too easy.

All in all…Well done!

Attempting My First 30km Run


So it was time to give the long run a chance. Wanted to see how far I can push myself. The 21km remains the longest distance I’ve run so I was curious to see what would happen after the half marathon distance :-).

Start slow and have realistic goals

I knew it was going to be a tough run, being able to refuel at the right time, not running too fast in the beginning and to just keep moving forward no matter what!

In true me fashion, I started out very slowly, after the 2km I was ready to turn around. Really had to motivate myself to keep moving. I knew once all my muscles was warmed up I would be fine for the first 10km. The idea was to run the 30km in 3hrs, ya right!…I cant even run a 10km in an 1hr…so what was I thinking…3:30 was more realistic :-).

Mind Power

I have to say, I was OK for the first 15km. The route was not too difficult, but there was quite few climbs, so probably not ideal for such a long run. I have ran this route during training, going further and further each time..5, 10, 15km and today it was the first attempt to go ALL THE WAY! It is amazing how powerful the mind is, I was not even going for my normal mile markers, it did not exist today. All I could see was turning into Witkoppen!

Witkoppen itself was a nice run – a bit of a killer in the end with the steep climb toward the end. At the 18km mark I could feel I was starting to struggle and took some coke and half a jel. I could feel the energy kicking in and was fine for the next 2km, just felt that the 21km mark did not want to come. I was so slow, it was so disappointing. 3hrs later and I managed to have a half marathon on my legs. I guess what was good was that I was still feeling I had energy to go further. I was so excited. Now for the real test….

After 21km

It was slow and hard work. I did not hydrate enough and I could feel the effect of that. My feet started to hurt and my heels started to burn. I knew that was blisters coming if I had to work much harder. By 24km I was done, ready to call it quits! I was walking…got slower and slower and getting harder, harder to keep moving. Mentally I was fine, but my feet was hurting. At 25km I decided this is it for the day…Doing more will risk injury and I rather try a 2nd 30km run again soon, than not all.

Scary Stats

The whole 25.6km took me 3:49. I did the first 21.1km in 3hrs…That means it took me 48mins to do 4.6km!!!! O my word :-). 10mins/km! How on earth am I going to finish my 50km race before he 7hr cut-off! Forget about qualifying for the 2 Oceans 😦 !

I have to admit though that I took todays run easy. It was good to see that at this stage I will hit the wall at about 30km. Now I can prepare a bit better for my next long run in 2weeks time. This will also be my last long run before the race. I would have wanted to have at least 2 more of these longs runs… time is not on my side.

Quote of the day

“Keeping my eye on today is about all I’m capable of. And today, I think I’ll go for a run”.  John Bingham, “Back to the Future,” Runner’s World