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I have started with my peak training period, the month of August will be dedicated to building some serious mileage. Just wish I have more time to train – as it stands I am nowhere ready to run an ultra marathon. I am on the verge of making the classic beginner runner mistake “wanting to do too much – too soon”. Not sure why I am in such a rush to do this ultra marathon race…it is going to be TOUGH enough, even for those who have trained properly. But I have entered and I feel I am at the point of no return!

Run More…

So now I find myself strategising about ways to find TIME TO RUN MORE..not so easy. I will have to run in the morning and go to the gym in the evening to ensure I do the right weekly mileage, otherwise I am going to run into problems with my long runs, possibly be at risk of injury and then ALL the effort so far would have been for NOTHING!

Run Longer…

I need to do two long runs of at least 35km before my goal race :-). The biggest challenge for me is not the distance but hydration. I hate running with anything in my hands or on my body, for long runs you need your water and your fuel. I have checked out all sorts of gadgets and bottles but each time decided to settle for money so that I can buy water along the way…It’s not all that simple though. There is not always a place to buy water and you can’t down the water all at once for a 3hr run, so it kinda defeat the purpose. So now I can just see myself becoming a CAMEL 🙂 !!!

Race More…

On top of building mileage I also need to practice racing – I have decided on two half marathons…Kudus and Vodacom Country Challenge. I am looking forward to those races. I have started to do some speed training but I dont intent trying to go for PBs in those two half marathons. I will use them as long runs over the weekend – just easier to ensure I get the mileage over the weekend in and hopefully they will provide water and fuel at those races….so at least I don’t have to worry about hydration.

Cold dark morning still a challenge

I manage to get through the last two mornings by beating the cold weather. I am going to try and keep it up. I have to admit, I enjoy my cold morning runs – definitely puts me in a good mood and I look forward to the day’s challenges. The fact that the stats also show that I am improving in certain areas of my running is another motivator to get out there and just RUN!

Quote of the day

“The runner’s greatest asset, apart from essential fitness of body, is a cool and calculating brain allied to confidence and courage”. Franz Stampfl, Franz Stampfl on Running

Milk Run…NO COKE!!!


I did my first winter race!!! The Clover Irene Milk Run….YES, YES, YES! What a nice refreshing run. It was so cold, I think it was about 3degrees when the race started. Not sure what I was thinking, but I did not carry my gel with me and did not worry about it too much as the organisares normally give us coke. But this was the “milk run”…instead they gave us fruit juices.

Training for my BIG CHALLENGE!!!

They are 70 and 75 yrs respectively, remarkable...There is hope for me!!

Time is now running out, every week and training session count. I have to ensure that I stick to my objective for each session, so difficult with the cold, but I am slowly getting used to the gym again :-).

I will be focusing on speed training for the next couple of weeks and doing a couple of races. Have already entered for the Vodacom Country Challenge. This race in August will mark 1 YEAR OF RUNNING for me. So proud that I had the courage to stuck with the running, to the point that I call myself a RUNNER!

Quote of the day

“Spend at least some of your training time, and other parts of your day, concentrating on what you are doing in training and visualizing your success”. Grete Waitz, nine time winner of the New York City Marathon