Monthly Archives: March 2011

Too Much Too Soon??


My legs are really feeling sore. My carves are burning. I might have pushed a bit too hard during Sunday’s run. I bought a pair of new running shoes, just went for a NEUTRAL shoe! Was so excited about my new shoes, wanted to try them out this morning, so went for a short run. I could feel my legs were really heavy so did not want to go too far off. The shoes feel so good, I feel like a real pro athlete in them :-).

I decided to run my first 21km this Sunday…but the way I am feeling at the moment, not sure if it will be a good idea. I cant risk getting a injury at this late stage. Will see how I feel by Friday. SO far the programme I have been following is working well – have achieved all my goals so I don’t know why I am suddenly getting so impatient at the moment. I am just looking for trouble….but I need the long run, so maybe I will do the race, but not at race pace…just to get past 18km.

Distance: 3km
Time: 30mins
Calories: 280cal

Quote of the day
“The race, the marathon, is a renewal of belief in one’s self and the ultimate expression of confidence that you have created the foundation that enables you to go the distance”. Dolores E. Cross, Breaking Through the Wa

Wanna Run Faster?..Experiment and Have Fun…


After the slump feeling I have been experiencing this last couple of days I decided it is time for new music. It definitely helps to have a teenager around. Got such cool music, now I am all fired up and ready for my work-outs. Did a 10 km run this morning. Downloaded songs that is about 3:30mins long so that I have 30min to walk and the rest of the song I HAVE to run. Trying to break the 6:30mins per kilometer. It actually worked well. I love the music and 1hr15mins just flew this morning.

Duration Distance Calories Avg HR Max HR
77min 10km 1100cal 159 182

Quote of the day
“Ability means nothing without opportunity” Anynomous

Low low low…


I am just at an all time low at the moment. So difficult to go to the gym. I just don’t enjoy the gym anymore. I like the feeling of just running free and just enjoy the morning air.

Just focused on speed this morning. Really did not feel like running on the treadmill so had to keep it interesting. I challenged myself a bit :-). 6:35 mins per km, not too bad from my previous 7:15. Also managed to run through a whole song, was never really able to do that on a treadmill, felt good!

I wanted to do the Om Die Dam 10km on Saturday, but now my running partner is injured :-(. Really don’t feel like doing it on my own, will see how I feel on Saturday. I also need to at least get another long run in this week, so perhaps it would be better to stick to training programme rather than racing this weekend???

Duration: 48mins
Distance: 5km (speed training)
Calories burned: 480cal

Quote of the day
“The challenge of a significant physical journey on foot unleashes some primitive connections to our identity as human beings”. Jeff Galloway