Monthly Archives: February 2011

A mammoth 11.9km!


Really looked forward to this morning’s run – I knew I did not even came close to my planned weekly mileage, only managed to do 7km for the whole week! But I was going to make it up with my long run of 15km :-)…yeah right!

The food and the drink
The plan was to run right up to Woodmead Retail park (15km!). I was excited about doing it as it is quite challenging the way the road slowly climbs. I made sure I did a bit of carbo loading the days before, as I now know 🙂 there is no way you can train, race and perform on salads! Also drank lots of water the day before, as there is no water stops available on that route and I don’t really like to carry water with me. I still have to find a way around carrying and drinking my fluids on the run – I know I will perform much better if I hydrate properly and at the right time, so for now I am just BAD :-(.

Not there yet….

The road to Woodmead...

Distance: 11.9km
Duration: 1:41min
Calories: 1318cal

AT the 6km mark, close to Vodaworld Golf I just did not see myself going any further, know that I still had to run all the way back and called it quits!…and made my way back. I really struggled with the last kilometer and the LAST hill, have never felt that tired before. Just wanted to stop and rest. It was so hard running that stretch, I had to walk after a while.

It was a difficult route, but overall I think I did OK. I was not able to run 15km this week, but I know I have it in me to do it soon :-). Next weekend is race week, so I would probably be focusing on doing some speed work in the gym. The profile of the Deloitte Half is tough..The hills of Pretoria, so I might even only be practicing hills and do some strength training. No need in doing speed if you going to climb hills?? Will see…

Quote of the day
“Tough times don’t last but tough people do.”
A.C. Green

The Plot Challenge!


Running this morning seemed to have gone a bit better. It helped going to bed a bit earlier. I decided to run the same route as I just “love” that long steep hill. It’s probably more than a kilometer long. Not quite sure, but I will measure it tomorrow so that I can pace myself a bit better. I definitely did the stretch much faster today, so I want to improve on it every time.

Plot by Plot
When I ran this morning I notice the numbers of the plots in this particular street and I was trying to run from one plot to the next and it was quite hard! Decided to set myself a challenge for the next 4 weeks. I will run that one kilometer hill – ALL THE WAY!. The way I am going to do it is tackle it PLOT by PLOT. The plots are quite big, it is probably around ten plot that I need to cover, over the 1km stretch. So, complete DOABLE :-)!

Duration: 27min
Distance: 3km

Quote of the day
“Running has given me the courage to start, the determination to keep trying, and the childlike spirit to have fun along the way. Run often and run long, but never outrun your joy of running.
Julie Isphording, Marathon winner

Staying Motivated…


I think I am still recovering from the weekend’s activity. I just cant seem to motivate myself to get to a level where I am comfortably reaching my training goals for each of my sessions. This morning’s run was short, but tough. I did hill training again, this seems to really drain me and I actally dont get to practice to run faster. Everything at this sage just seems to be slow. I dont seem to be improving, probably hit a plateau so I need to just stay focus and motivated. I suppose I am still fine. I am planning to run the Deloittes 10km run on the 26 February. I have looked at the profile and the first 10km is just hills. Just looking at the profile makes me tired :-(. All I can see at this stage is lots of walking…so what is the point! I will need to work on a strategy as this is going to be a tough race and I really want to work on getting in at 1:10…which means RUN MORE!

Distance: 3.3km
Time: 27min

Quote of the day
“Do the work. Do the analysis. But feel your run. Feel your race. Feel the joy that is running.” Kara Goucher, American long-distance runner