Pick up the broken pieces and move on…


Ai! After all the prepations, THE WORK PRESSURES… AND RAIN! I have come down with COLD :-(. Have not been able to train for the last week! There’s just not time!!!

“Stuff” getting between me and my goals
I am allowing “stuff” to come between me and my running. Felt really demotivated the whole week, cos I knew I should be on the road running and practicing. I really thought I would feel better by now, but I’M NOT. And tomorrow is the race.

I might as well not run!
I am not sure what to do. I could run and take it very slow, I am not gonna reach my goal for the race, so I might as well not run… Really disappointing :-(. Besides, so many have have told me not to run if I am not feeling well..better take there advice 🙂

Take back your time!!!
I received this runnings quote this week. It was just so appropriate and motivational. It is what I intent doing when I am feeling better. It’s the one thing that’s mine. My runs everyday are my thing. It’s my therapy, my hour to myself. Nobody can really take it away from me… It’s such a huge part of me. I love to say that I’m a runner”. Summer Sanders, Olympic gold-medalist in swimming

So I guess I will pick up the broken pieces from this set-back and move on…

About Moerieda Mackay

Late to running and absolutely loving it! I'm married to my soulmate, Adam and blessed with 3 beautiful children. I am a Business Transformation and Innovation Professional and holds a MSc (Eng) in Industrial Engineering. Yip, a bit of a workaholic. I became addicted to ultra running whilst searching for that elusive “work-life” balance at the age of...40! I have no sporting background and with zero athletic ability running is by far the most challenging thing I've taken on but it has put me on a path of self discovery and serious transformation both physically, mentally and spiritually...and I love it!

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