Endorphins Injection in the Morning, Thank YOU!


I was unable to make it to the gym for my speed session yesterday morning and I did not want to skip a session, so I went in the evening. It was so difficult to focus. Had supper an hour earlier cos I was so hungry when I got home from work. And was I sluggish….Was not sure if the aircon in the gym working as I found it very difficult to breath and everything just felt stuffy. I think I was just too tired at that stage. I manage to do the 2nd exercise as proposed by Runner’s World mag for training during the week before a 5k race.

The drill 🙂

4X400m (at 2k pace)

The results 😦

1st 400m I did in 2:30min @ 10km/h…then I had a 200m recovery walk

2nd 400m was just difficult @ 10km/h. I struggled, Only manage to do 300m. I think I did not recover long enough. So I just started walking for 10min.

3rd 400m @ 10km/h…and with much more focus and determination 2:15 🙂

I then just did a long recovery walked and did not have the energy to complete the training, just ran for another 500m 0n 8km/h and then just walked for propbably another 10min. I was done! But satisfied….reinforced my view that I need my endorphins injection in the morning and not in the evening!

Duration: 44mins

Distance: 4km (interval)

Calories burned: 429cal

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