Preparing for 1st DASH in 2011!


After a long absence I visited the gym today to train for my first 5km race in 2011!…the REHIDRATE 5km DASH. I have kept to my training schedule during the holiday and decided not do go overboard in terms of training for this race so the focus will be on some speed runs. Read an article in Runner’s World mag that the week before a race you focus on your speed and the article also gave a couple of examples of what to do, which I TRIED this morning :-(. Actually it went well, not really as well as I hoped for but I suppose I will get there.

The drill 🙂

2 X 800m 5k pace, 2:30 recovery, 1X800m 2k pace

The results 😦

First 800m @ 8km/h – 5:40

2nd 800m @ 9km/h – 5:40

I was so bloody tired after the first 800m, I suppose 2:30 was not enough recovery time, and then on top of that I decided to increase the speed for the second 8oom to 9km/h, was so tired I had to walk about 30s during the 2nd 800m, which is why there was not much of a time difference between the 8 and 9 km/h runs even though I ran much faster.

Also did a 1km @ speed 8km/h in 7:25 sec….SO I should be able to finish my 5k in under 40min. I would like to do the 5k in 35min on Sunday, that would be a PB for me! The route seems to be flat and not a lot of hills, so I should be fine.

Duration: 53min

Distance: 5km interval (easy 2, 2X800m, 1X1000m)

Calories burned:575cal

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