Reverse Psychology, used it to conquer HILLS


I am extremely happy with my Sunday run. My coach is back from sick leave and I am sure having a running partner made all the difference in today’s session. I was really feeling tender all over on Friday and Saturday and was even thinking of postponing the Sunday run again, so glad I did not….

I decided to make peace with the fact that no matter where I run in Midrand, it’s going to be tough, cos it is all hills where I stay. I dread hills. The road can have a just slight slope and I would dread it. But on todays easy run, things started to fall into place. I tried to pace myself (still cant keep to hear rate of 122!!! Not sure if this will ever be possible for 😦 ), but manage stuck to my target heart rate at least. If I felt I went too fast I told myself to SLOW DOWN….AND THAT’S WHEN IT CLICK. Slow down a bit before the hills, reserve your energy and then tackle the hill. Before that I would tell myself there is no freakin way I am running that hill and I would ran until I get to the hill and walked the hill. Today, I did it a bit differently. I would recover (walked) just before the hill and then run the hills. I manage to apply this strategy of Reverse Psychology to ALL THE HILLS I came across. I know it is a mental thing for me and I hope I am over this now…I think using this strategy can actually be fun…Can’t wait for my next run!

Duration: 1:04hrs

Distance: 7km

Calories burned: 690cal

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