Completely drained…..


Right now I am FEELING the 8km I did yesterday, have never felt so tired…like I am burned out. How is it possible? I just started with my training. Maybe I should take it a bit slow. Thinking of increasing resting days after the long runs to about 3 days?????

My coach seemed to have recovered from his cold, so maybe we can train together this coming week, cos right now I need the support.

This coming week I will be focusing on speed and strength training. Training for my first race in 2011. The 5km Rehidrate Dash. The race is run in conjunction with the Dischem Half. It is one of the few official 5km races. I am using this race as a time trial for setting my 2 Oceans goal. Right now I am at a goal that say “Finsh the Race”, but I know I have it in me to do least a 2:30!

I went shopping for running gear today. If anyone want to buy running gear, now is the best time to buy, it seems like most of the shops have specials. I even saw that my shoes that we bought about 2 weeks ago is on SALE :-(. Speaking of which. The shoes is starting to hurt me, not sure if it is just because it is new and still need to run in. My legs and feet are also aching, I have never felt like this before. Feel like I am coming down with flu or something :-)I bought some nice running tights and vests. Really spoilt myself. Feel I deserve it, I have never trained this hard.

Bought some energy gels, need to start practice RE-FUELING. At the moment I just run, and drink and eat either before or after my work-out. Recommendation is that one needs to re-fuel every 45minutes. Want to try it tomorrow on my run.

I am suppose to try the 10km run tomorrow, but I am so tired, I think I must just try 5/6km instead. That all I have energy for…I am completely drained!

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