Tough Easy Run…is there something like that?


Still without coach and running partner, starting to wonder if my coach is ever gonna make it back :-). Went for my easy run this morning, but found it so difficult, the route was a bit hilly…I knew it was going to be a “tough easy run” but never thought I was actually going to struggle to get through it. Started off with a hill, which I decided I will just walk and take it easy. I read somewhere that my heart rate for an easy run should be 122, but I have to walk very slow to stay there, let alone run. So focus of todays easy run was to build a good running base, to get in the kilometers and take it easy i.e. heart rate at about 122. This was so difficult. I did not manage at all…Heart rate was alway around 140-160 which is my target heart rate for tempo/quality runs, so I dont know…Eventually I just walked where i could not manage and ran where I was able to. I tried, I guess more practice :-).

Time: 1hr15

Distance: 8km

Calories burned: 930cal

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