Races, Training Programmes, Races…so many choices!


I am a bit in limbo at the moment, feel like I am losing traction. I know it is time to focus, just pick a training program and stick to it. It is suppose to be that simple. But no, I always want to analyse and research and know every minute little detail of why and why not :-)…just me, a true ANALYST. Well, it is time to become the STRATEGIST. So here it is. I am focusing on building speed/strength for my 5k and 10k. Have downloaded a few training programmes and will now just pick one and work with it. Coach sent me a list with races for the next few months and I have selected the following races to run before the big event:

1. PWC (5km) – 29 Jan 11

2. McCarthy Toyota (10km) – 5 Feb 11

3. Deloitte (10km) – 26 Feb 11

4. JP Morgan (5.6km) – 2 Mar 11

5. Alberton Marathon (15km) – 13 March 11

….. and the TWO OCEANS (21.1km) – 23 April 11 ….!!!! 😐

Since the races are all over weekends and I intent doing my long runs over the weekend I probably need to reconsider some of them as to not impact on my overall training programme, BUT this is it for now…will review closer to the time.

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