First 4km UP Norfolk rd in 2011


It was pouring this morning when I woke, so there was no way the long run was gonna happen. Luckily I did a 10km run in Karoo so I did not feel too bad about missing my long run. The run in the karoo was quite fun – have never experienced the karoo like this before, even played tennis in 36degrees, not realising that was the temperature at 10am!)

I was excited about trying out the new 760’s so did hill training later that  morning.

Distance: 4km

Duration: 53min

Calories Burned: 518cal

The shoes…ABSOLUTELY FREAKIN GREAT. 100% improvement! I actually think my trail running shoes are too small :-(. The NBx 760 is definitely “the shoe” :-))

I am trying to find a good half marathon training programme. After seeing the route I realise that I still have a LOT of training to do. Especially HILLS! It is still early days, so there is enough time to find a good training programme that will work for me.

Southern Cross/Rhodes/Union drives are not going to kill me!

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