New Gear for a New Year – Happy 2011!


It is resting day for me as I will be starting my “official training programme” for 2 oceans in the morning. Starting with a long run…I am gonna try my best to finish a 10k, but I will see…have not been to the gym since I left Jo’burg for christmas holidays. My husband/coach/training partner bought me a new pair of running shoes. My “old pair” is actually a new pair of trail running shoes and coach did not believe that the shoes are appropriate :-(. On the other hand, most people advised that one needs to invest and run in the best shoes you can afford. Buying the shoes was quite an experience, usually I would just go into the shop and buy based on my analysis…that is based on price and features. This time round I decided to not be stubborn and just go with the flow, so off I went shoe shopping with coach at Canal Walk in CPT (so nice to shop there as all the big BRAND shops are close to each other so it is easy to do the comparisons. We eventually settled on the New Balance 760 Stability shoe.  The whole experience was awsome, from running on the treadmill and seeing on screen how I am actually overpronating, to the great assistance and advice we received from the New Balance staff. Well done to NEW BALANCE Canal Walk, great customer experience!

Running in new shoes…definitely something to look forward to…

Certainly gonna miss my Adidas Kanadia...

The race is starting to become a reality now….Scary! We went to look at the 2 oceans half marathon route when we visited Cape Town during the christmas holiday break. I expected it to be tough, but what I saw was close to impossible to run!

I am scared but I know with the right focus and sticking to my training schedule I should be able to at least finish the race within the cut-off time which is 3:00. My heart was set on finishing my first half in 2:30, but after what I saw I just want to finish it.

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