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Pick up the broken pieces and move on…


Ai! After all the prepations, THE WORK PRESSURES… AND RAIN! I have come down with COLD :-(. Have not been able to train for the last week! There’s just not time!!!

“Stuff” getting between me and my goals
I am allowing “stuff” to come between me and my running. Felt really demotivated the whole week, cos I knew I should be on the road running and practicing. I really thought I would feel better by now, but I’M NOT. And tomorrow is the race.

I might as well not run!
I am not sure what to do. I could run and take it very slow, I am not gonna reach my goal for the race, so I might as well not run… Really disappointing :-(. Besides, so many have have told me not to run if I am not feeling well..better take there advice 🙂

Take back your time!!!
I received this runnings quote this week. It was just so appropriate and motivational. It is what I intent doing when I am feeling better. It’s the one thing that’s mine. My runs everyday are my thing. It’s my therapy, my hour to myself. Nobody can really take it away from me… It’s such a huge part of me. I love to say that I’m a runner”. Summer Sanders, Olympic gold-medalist in swimming

So I guess I will pick up the broken pieces from this set-back and move on…

12.4Km in 1:39… not bad for a first hilly long run!


It was raining again this morning. I was a bit disappointed as I really wanted to kick off running a longer a distance. Since the beginning of the year there has just not been an opportunity. I put on my running clothes thinking I am going to do a long run today even if it is in the rain!

Be prepared for when things go wrong

What am I gonna do if it rains during Two Oceans. So far everything has been going extremely smoothly, but what am I going to do if it rains on race day or at Two Oceans. I better prepare myself mentally for “if things go wrong”. The rain started pounding down and I chickened out. Disappointed thinking that I now have to go do my long run on a treadmill in the gym 😦 But instead I left the thought and decided to teach my 5yr old muskateer how to play chess. It is amazing how quickly they learn! After one game of chess…by the way it took much longer than I anticipated – “Karpov” in the making:-)… the weather seemed to have cleared.

Don’t procrastinate

I was thinking it was now or never. The air was cool and clean and there was not a lot of road activity yet. The route was hilly but I always wanted to run the route. It took all my energy. I manage to run/walk most of the hills. This was suppose to be my easy run, but with all the hills I just could not keep to my target heart rate. The fact that I was moving forward on the hills was what kept me going. At one stage I turned around and quietly smiled to myself thinking “I have ran THAT!”

Did I ran this?..12.4km

The results

To my surprise I ran 12,4km!!!! Much more than what I committed for this run. I still felt great afterwards.

Duration: 1:39:28
Distance: 12,4 km
Calories burned: 1372cal
Average speed: 8km/h

My speed: mins per km and (total time)

  • 1km – 8:36
  • 2km – 8:23 (16:59)
  • 3km – 8:14 (25:14)
  • 4km – 7:40 (32:54)
  • 5km – 8:21 (41:16)
  • 6km – 10:15 (51:31)
  • 7km – 7:16 (58:48)
  • 8km – 8:28 (1:07:16)
  • 9km – 7:31 (1:14:48)
  • 10km – 4:11 (1:19:00)
  • 11km – 6:26 (1:25:26)
  • 12km – 10:29 (1:35:56)

Quote of the day

“Don’t bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself”. William Faulkner

Easy Runs Really Going Well Now..


Decided to go for an easy run yesterday. Things are so hectic at work at the moment I did not even find the time to write my blog and post my days running results. I am still feeling a bit tired I think I might be coming down with flu or something, could not even get up this morning. Really glad is was Saturday sleep a bit later. The early morning might be taking its toll on me. I need to get into do more long runs from now on. This week I will mainly use to focus on training for my 10K, So it will be me and treadmill on Tuesday and Thursday. Will try my best to do 8k easy run tomorrow, will see how I feel. So lots of rest today.

Duration: 51min

Distance: 5km

Calories burned: 592 cal