Training for the 2011 Two Oceans Half Marathon


Hello world! This blog will initially be used to monitor and track my training as I prepare to compete in the 2011 “Two Oceans Half Marathon” in Cape Town, South Africa.

I consider myself a novice runner, started running on a treadmill in July 2010 as I’ve lost 15kg using the elliptical trainer almost every day for 3 months.  After that I had the confidence to try out the treadmill and to my surprise found it was a much harder workout (initially only did walks, could not even run for 1 minute left alone running through the chorus of my favorite songs!). I persevered as I enjoyed the challenge and excitement as the running bug got a hold of me…and decided to register for my first 5km run (the Vodacom Cross Country in Midrand) which I completed in 39 mins :-). Still not sure how I did it. So now the adrenalin was really pumping and I could not wait to get back to the gym to practice REAL running 🙂 and registered for a 10km in November 2010 running in the Soweto Marathon. My time…an astounding 1:16!

Some insightful stats since I started exercising (still cant believe it was me doing this):

Total Calories Burned: 52 769 cal

Total Time: 118 hrs

Total counts (mostly visits to the gym): 105

Average calories burned per session: 502 cal

In total I’ve lost 22kg through running (mostly still on a treadmill) and watching my diet. I am extremely chuffed with my performance and feel I am ready to push the boundaries a bit….competing in the 2011 Two Oceans Half Marathon….indeed a BHAG!

I am so excited about training for this event and found myself writing down all sorts of information to help me with training for the event. I had so many scribbles all over the place, that I decided it would probably be best to keep a journal and here I am….blogging.

The intention is to continue blogging about other challenging events I am embarking on. It is always easier to accomplish big hairy audacious goals (BHAGs) through sharing experiences and learnings especially with those going through similar life experiences as me. So it would be great to hear your views and support me in getting through my “million miles”.

Until my next mile 🙂

Million Miler (MM)

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